Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Memory About Gas, Life and Death

Just a memory. As a kid, there were times in my life where there wasn't enough money to pay the gas bill. The heat would be cut off in the dead of winter.  One or two degrees below zero. Or more. Broke folks learned to find ways to stay warm.  

It was miserable.

You quickly learned that old lady x down the street died because of freezing. Or across town. The numbers would rack up. Every year local papers reported the number of deaths.

 Every year the Gas company would shrug shoulders and say it's not my problem. 

It was a constant thing and never really a question about life over profits.

Finally there was a negotiation between the gas company and the city that the gas would not be turned off during a set period of time in the winter.  

There was still a bum rush to do it before the cut-off date.  Also the implementation of state and local programs to help folks pay for utilities.  

In the 2021, do citizens have a say in how their power infrastructure is designed and constructed? 

We are about to find out.

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