Friday, November 27, 2020

Lois Lane and 2020. It has been a journey.

When I was a kid and could find enough soda bottles to buy a comic or two, I'd search for the good ones first, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or Batman. If they were gone then I'd pick up a Superman.  If he was gone and I'd really need a fix then I'd pick up Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane.  (There were also the torn cover days. In that case, I'd stock up on the annuals.)

Her prime motivation in the early sixties was to marry Supes by any means necessary. Or marry some other man to "settle".  Only to be metaphorically slapped in the face by a man, alien, or robot that lied to her.  

Toward the late sixties she got a brain, backbone and became her own person. Actually dated other people. Decided to live on her own terms and those did not necessarily include Supes.

Still did dumb stuff but Lois began to evolve as a person, a capable reporter.

Here I am in 2020. Press has been and continues to be a target by the 45th administration and opportunistic crackpots. 

Not saying there isn't an issue with corporate media romping around as journalism. Or pundits pretending to be journalists. Or some (way too many) actually trained journalists not doing their job.

We need reporters and journalists. We really do.

This is a DC graphic novel of a twelve part comic book series.

There are concerns. Still being written by male people. Truly find the cover on the fair right un-appealing.

But here we are, In an alternative universe, journalism is a super power.

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