Sunday, February 28, 2021

Something from long ago

 4:30 a.m.

sounds of leaves scraping across cement

sounds of electrical power and steel on steel

neighbor's tv with old movie fighting the night terrors

"Is it always going to be this way?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Memory About Gas, Life and Death

Just a memory. As a kid, there were times in my life where there wasn't enough money to pay the gas bill. The heat would be cut off in the dead of winter.  One or two degrees below zero. Or more. Broke folks learned to find ways to stay warm.  

It was miserable.

You quickly learned that old lady x down the street died because of freezing. Or across town. The numbers would rack up. Every year local papers reported the number of deaths.

 Every year the Gas company would shrug shoulders and say it's not my problem. 

It was a constant thing and never really a question about life over profits.

Finally there was a negotiation between the gas company and the city that the gas would not be turned off during a set period of time in the winter.  

There was still a bum rush to do it before the cut-off date.  Also the implementation of state and local programs to help folks pay for utilities.  

In the 2021, do citizens have a say in how their power infrastructure is designed and constructed? 

We are about to find out.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Lois Lane and 2020. It has been a journey.

When I was a kid and could find enough soda bottles to buy a comic or two, I'd search for the good ones first, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or Batman. If they were gone then I'd pick up a Superman.  If he was gone and I'd really need a fix then I'd pick up Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane.  (There were also the torn cover days. In that case, I'd stock up on the annuals.)

Her prime motivation in the early sixties was to marry Supes by any means necessary. Or marry some other man to "settle".  Only to be metaphorically slapped in the face by a man, alien, or robot that lied to her.  

Toward the late sixties she got a brain, backbone and became her own person. Actually dated other people. Decided to live on her own terms and those did not necessarily include Supes.

Still did dumb stuff but Lois began to evolve as a person, a capable reporter.

Here I am in 2020. Press has been and continues to be a target by the 45th administration and opportunistic crackpots. 

Not saying there isn't an issue with corporate media romping around as journalism. Or pundits pretending to be journalists. Or some (way too many) actually trained journalists not doing their job.

We need reporters and journalists. We really do.

This is a DC graphic novel of a twelve part comic book series.

There are concerns. Still being written by male people. Truly find the cover on the fair right un-appealing.

But here we are, In an alternative universe, journalism is a super power.

Friday, November 06, 2020

In memory of going downtown

 It has been awhile. Lots of stuff happening and not happening.

So, cleaning out some stuff and found some old photos from one of many food festivals that I attended.

I hope that I don't forget what it is like. Or have a permanent fear of being around people.
Well, maybe for the time being that is a wise fear to have. 

Seeing how some folks are packing their Hummers for visits to places they got no reason to be.
Anyway, just a simple video. No words, just memories.

Monday, August 10, 2020

My AudioCov Trailer

Ok, here is the deal. Ernmander has AudioMo which is 30 days of audio recording. 

Usually in June. I think. 

He also has Audio365 which is what folks can do when the want to post an audio to Twitter or whatever.

Ernmander decided that he wanted to have something that would allow folks to connect with each other in regards to Covid-19 so he put the word out about #AudioCov.

I saw the post and thought it was a good idea.  So I made a trailer with Headliner.  Headliner allows folks to easily add captions to an audiogram to make it easier to open the content to others. 

I want to put this here so that I remember to make more than a trailer. I need to share as well.

Monday, June 08, 2020

I'm tired, angry and frustrated too.

Putting this here as a time and place marker. Because if things do not substantially change then we are going to have to face this again. And again. And then someday, what the fuck just happened.

Watch the whole thing before you start to have an opinion.
And sit with it and try to understand it.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

You Can Learn A Lot from a Parsnip

Parsnips and social distancing. I went to the other market because I needed a walk. Had my mask on. I'm over at the discount veggies looking stuff over. I grab about a pound of crookneck squash and some parsnips. 

Woman with mask come up to me less than 20 inches and ask "What can you do with those?" I back up as I tell her she can use in soups and stews or as a roasted veggie. She picks up a bag and goes on her way.

Los Angeles Public Health Poster

Here is the thing. In normal times, there is only space for one or two people at the discount veggie spot. I honestly didn't think it hit her consciousness that she was too close.

I, however, are conscious of many things. I as a black woman cannot yell " get the fuck away from me" or, more likely "please maintain social distance from me' in any tone of voice without somebody pulling out their phone and calling 911.

Look how long and how many videos it took America to learn to wash their hands. 

I also know that many markets have narrow isles, packed with food, for now. A person would have to wait for someone to leave a section of fruit and veggies before entering it. That ain't happening. 

There are recordings in the store about please maintain social distancing. I kept hearing the recording, the other shoppers did not. 

Not at the meat case, where we all were stunned at the new prices of soon to vanish bacon, sausages, and pork products. Beef and chicken have hit the $10+ mark. 

Which now makes the imitation meat almost more affordable. I'm going to have to work on that concept for a bit.