About The Blog

Where do I begin and what do you want to know? That really was the starting place for Out On the Stoop. Originally it was a e-mail newsletter to keep my students up to speed on what came to be known as the Internet.

It existed as a web page for a spell but DreamWeaver was my personal nightmare. It was a lot of work to update a web site. I wanted to communicate. I spent a good deal of time finding out ways to cuss HTML to death. I plugged away at it until I heard the magic word "Blog."

On April 29, 2004 Out On the Stoop became a blog. It has evolved into a reflection of my interests and those curiosities that catch my attention.

I am curious about almost everything. I do have limits but not as many as I should have. So there are photos and videos and long rambling passages of what I saw that day that I want to share. I lean toward education, sex and other stuff.

The BlogHer Connection

Currently I am an (infrequent) Continuing Editor at BlogHer. Some of my prior posts first appeared on BlogHer. My beat generally is Education but I've been know to stray or stretch the boundaries a bit. There are no boundaries in Education.

The deal is that I write a post for them and three months later I can post it on my blog. Or not. Some topics are just in the moment and of that moment.

Anxiety Road Podcast

This is a project of necessity. I saw a need that wasn't being address and I got out my tablespoon and decided to fill it. It is an attempt to share information and treatment options about anxiety, panic attacks and mental health issues. It is called the Anxiety Road Podcast.

It is a place to show what is happening in non-commercial user generated video, to learn, to find out who is doing what technologically. A joint for my inner vidgeek that likes the smell of new video compression software.

Prior Blogs

I had another blog called Create Video Notebook that I guess it is in blog fading mode. Much of the technology has switched to mobile and I need to re-think what this generation of folks need and want in web video.

When I was in the library technology program I also helped PCCLibTech. That is in addition to the day job at Amalgamated Salt and Brimstone, Ltd aka the Salt Mine.

Lemme see, Anything Else?

This is a non-commercial blog. Many of the videos I create have Creative Commons music attribution/non-commercial licenses. This means that I cannot use the music in a video for my commercial gain.

That also means that I, by choice, do not have advertising. I tend not to accept free samples of anything in relation to topics I currently write about but there have been times when I did.

I will tell you in a post how I received or came to use a specific product. If it was given to me I will tell you that too. It does not happen often but I have turned down books and other stuff. Ethics is a buzz killer.

However, if I just came from a convention or UN-conference I promise you I will stock up on the freebies but that is because everyone has access to said freebie.

Unless it is a Nikon or Canon camera then maybe an ethical adjustment or two might be required.

There is comment moderation because I don't like spam or cruel people. I usually respond but if I don't please don't sent the same message over and over again. When I get a chance I'll look it over and post the comment unless I don't want to.

If this doesn't answer your questions you can e-mail me at compumavengal AT earthlink.net