Monday, July 30, 2018

It Become Real Only When You See It

I went to a convention. I had a little time so I walked around the neighborhood of the hotel. 

This is what I saw:

Old school newsstands were wooden and filled with magazines and newspapers. Maybe some chewing gum to help you break a dollar for the bus. 

If you wanted to know who got whacked or the story of the day you either went to a grocer, a box or a newstand. 

And this is what it is now, one or two copies of the Daily News and Inquirer.

I felt bad. 

Like a ghost passing through time.

But where do I get my news?

Where I live there are no newstands. Almost all of the news boxes are gone. There are some retail places that sell the Sunday papers. Places I rarely shop or visit.

I subscribe to one newspaper online but have to remember that I do have a subscription. It is my friends and relations that alert me to new stories that I check out.

Yet, something indeed has been lost. The solitude of reading at your own pace and reflecting on a story. 

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  1. I subscribe to the Boston Globe in print and to NY Times and Guardian on line. I read the Globe, sometimes several days at a time. I have learned how to read the TImes so that it doesn't take over my whole life. I find that when I read the print paper, I find things that I do not see in online version. You are right that something has been lost with newsstands being decimated.