Friday, May 05, 2006

Poetry In Motion-Ellyn Maybe Poem on Being An Artist

I first heard Ellyn Maybe when she was doing a poetry reading on KPFK-FM many years ago. Roy of Hollywood was having her do a reading of her work. I wish he could play more poetry but the pull of Sounds True and TUC radio are hard to let go.

Wednesday is conspiracy night. Can't listen. I'd be a paranoid wreck.

Somewhere in this pack rat heaven I have an old copy of a poetry magazine with Ellen's face caricatured on the cover. I had never seen her in person until the day of the poetry ride. You never know who you will encounter on the road of life.

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Any poem that makes reference to that bastion of the born cheapskates, broke folks, the fiscally challenged and the cash deprived, also known as the 99 Cent Only Store (the real one, not those tacky and misleading knockoffs) is jakes with me. The 99COS kept me alive when all I had was a pile of bills and one measly (but glad to have it) unemployment check.

Anybody remember that two pound tuna (?) sandwich spread in the silver bag? Lasted two weeks and then some. And if that is not an creative skill, I don't know what to tell you. But your probably thinking of the high toned stuff call art and the upper realm of being “an artist”.

To me it is not so much an artist life but living a creative authentic life. It can be tough with the day to day survival skills you have to master but blessings to the folks that not only figure it out but are willing to share with other. Thanks, Ellyn.

I had a hard time coming up with web citations for Ellyn. I keep digging through until I found her at

Special shout out to Frostyland's Viggo page cuz that is where I found the link to Ellyn's web site.

In parting, if you really want to upset the powers that be, buy a poetry book, chapbook, audio book or attend a spoken word performance.

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