Thursday, September 23, 2010

Statistically Speaking I'm Amazed

I got sprung from the Salt Mine earlier than expected today so I actually can spend time doing what I want to do. I was looking at my Blogger Dashboard and I noticed the new to me blog statistics feature.

Stat Map
I'm happy if one person gets value or enjoyment from my blog posts. I have a lot of things I'm interested in. I was curious what folks read or glance through. The stats have been active since May 2010, but I think they just slapped them on everyone's Blogger Dashboard in August.

To the fine folks of Australia, Luxembourg, India, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, Germany and the UK, I thank you for reading and checking stuff out. Drop a comment when you can and use your native language if English is giving you a pain.

So long as I can get to Babelfish or Google Translate I'm good to go.

Now as to what some of my mighty fine readers are perusing.

The Top Five Are:

5. The $99 NetBook
4. Nikki Giovanni Talks About Choices
3. The Confederate Flag, The Push Me Pull You of Culture
2. More Than Words - The Nelson Brothers (Again, I'm sorry fellas for linking you to that song.)
1. The Gift of Self-Pleasure the IFM site (My post is ok but that place is so NSFW)

Technology, Creativity, History, Entertainment and Sexuality. Something for everyone, I guess. Again this is just the stats from May to now. The poetry videos are popular on the separate page at the top of the blog. I guess they are easier to find that way.

I don't plan on changing what I am writing about because I really am interested in all kinds of people and ideas. Depending on how the hormones kick up though, well. Let me put it this way. Middle age women are rocking but not necessarily in a chair.

This blog has always been is a small reflection of my journey of this lifetime. To be of service. To discover new things. To laugh and hopefully remind folks on the other side of the pond that we are not all crazy with fear and malice.

I'll try to keep it flowing and juice up the Ice Tea a bit out on the stoop.


  1. Keep it coming, I like your eclecticism (sp?).

  2. This is good to know. I just found out about a new vibrator that can go seven hours on one charge.

    I'm trying to write the high minded stuff first but I keep finding blogs about middle age women and sexual maintenance.

    Plus I'm saving up for the new doodad for a special occasion. I do wish to speak from an authentic place. Don't want to promote cheesy equipment.

    So much to do before I sleep.