Saturday, August 06, 2005

More Than Words - The Nelson Brothers

When a local city tries to have a community event it usually doesn't work out quite like they planned. The first thing is that they general forget to advertise that they are having an event.

The second thing about the show is that when the city hires the headline act that is supposes to show up, something bad happened to the star.

One year it was Ray Davies of the Kinks then he caught a bad case of the flu and Dick Dale had to take over. Same things happened this year. Dave Matthews (8-25-05 correction, it was actually Dave Mason) was the performer. He had a really bad back and had to cancel. The Nelson Brothers picked up the slack.
The Nelson Brothers
As usual, I stumbling into the crowed and notice a bunch of 25 to 35 year old women acting like teenyboppers. I look up and see two blond dudes in their early thirties. Then it hits me who they are. These Nelsons are the sons of Rick Nelson and the grandsons of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson.

Gunner Nelson
Matthew and Gunner Nelson were on stage and that is why I was witnessing thirty-year-old women attempting to sling their hips.

I was pleasantly surprised. One cuz they can actually sing. I thought they were an MTV vanity creation. I was wrong. They were on that stages for almost two hours and there was no tape malfunction. It was their honest voices.

Two – they did a nice mix of their father's songs, their own stuff and guitar heavy pieces. They also had good sidemen to round out the band. Grandpa Nelson would be beaming – they really put on a good show on very short notice.

For more information on the Nelson Brothers, visit their official web site -

Disclaimer: These lads made that record that I hate to the core of my being. The one where they sing in harmony about how the girl should prove her love with "more than words". On my list of musical toxins, it is right up there with Bungle In the Jungle and A Lovers Concerto.

Auditory poison. Then again, it could be just me. Naw, that song sucks. But musically they do not. If you see them on the road give them a fair shake.

April 5, 2008 Update - I owe the lads a humble apology. They didn't record that pile of steaming hormonally driven yukky-ness know as More Than Words. I am definitely in the minority vote in this case cuz 4 million plus people have viewed and love this song.

I wish I could have made amends sooner to the Nelsons but I had to wait for YouTube to be invented first. Dudes look right nice, love the black and white look of the video but that is as positive as I'm gonna get about that pressure filled emotional wedge to try and get a girl to spread 'em to show her love. Oh god, I feel a barf session rising from below. Gotta go.


  1. Gena, you'll discover that everyone loves those stars that remind them of their youth.

    That's why Elvis Presley movies thrill folks in their fifties and sixties.

    Appreciate your criticism of lyrics but am glad you listened and liked the music.

  2. Gena

    The headliner for Cruise Night was Dave Mason NOT Dave Matthews.

  3. Just corrected the post. I've got too many Dave's running in and out of my life. Mainly out.

    You live and you learn.

  4. Gena,
    In regards to your article on the Nelson brothers, you mentioned that you really hate that song that has the hook, "more than words" in it. Are you sure that that song wasn't recorded and performed by a different set of guys named Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Cherone from the 80's rock ensemble known as Extreme? I think that is who you are refering to in your article and not Nelson. Sorry. :(

    Below is an exerpt of your article:

    Disclaimer: These lads made that record that I hate to the core of my being. The one where they sing in harmony about how the girl should prove her love with "more than words". On my list of musical toxins, it is right up there with Bungle In the Jungle and A Lovers Concerto.

  5. I did a bit of spot checking. I visited Mathew & Gunner's web site, no mention of the offending tune in the discography.

    I searched for lyrics, it came up with the group that you mentioned and a few other people.

    That auditory Boon's Farm tasting swill was generated by someone else?!?
    Doesn't really matter. I still hate it.

    I think I'm gonna have to fix up a plate of crow but I really think I saw NB do this song in a music video.

    But unlike certain political leaders, I am willing to concider the possibility that I might have made a mistake. But I gotta check it out - I have to find a video lists that shows the songs in rotation at MTV at the time.

    Thanks for the heads up. I think.

  6. Hi,
    Actually "More Than Words" was by Extreme, not Nelson. Trust me on this - I'm the 80's hair band Queen lol.

  7. yes, I second that. "More than Words" is by Extreme. Nelson did "After the Rain" ..the video where they pop out of the wall poster and take the teen to their concert... LOL And "Love and Affection" :)

  8. I may be wrong, but I think that Eric Clapton performed this song as well..I'm not sure if he gets first recording credit though.

  9. Naw, not Eric? Not that song passing through his blessed fingers.

    Say it ain't so! Criminy.

    Well, everybody has a mistake in their past. No hard feelings. I love Clapton and goodness knows he's more than made up for it by his body of work.

    Still hate that crummy song though.

  10. Love the music of "More than Words" -- hey, does it have to be understood as looking for the girl to "spread 'em" as you say? Maybe the poor guy just wants the girl to go beyond her mere declaration of love for him by taking out the trash for a change, or doing the dishes before the next morning after he cooked a nice dinner, or agreeing to rent the movie HE chooses this time -- not to mention changing junior's diaper for a change. Sure, you say you love me, he's thinking, but do those sweet nothings and I'll believe it. You might have to switch the gender of the balladeer and the balladee to make the scenario credible, if all guys are dogs as I (the most androgenous guy ever who is yet still a dog) will admit, but you get the gist. Anyway, if you think of the meaning in that way, can you at least like the tune a little? It is kind of catchy, and an easy ace on Playstation karaoke ... anyway, just found this by accident while passing through, I don't even read blogs, I'm an old guy with a kid who has no time for such fun. So I won't bug you again, just impressed by how much you hate that song which I always kinda liked.

  11. Dear Vinnie,

    Welcome and thanks for leaving a post. On the positive tip thank you for an alternative point of view. As for me, if you switched the gender, species or mineral classification I would still hate that song.

    It is still pay for play, an auditory hump day lubricant and a horn dog's faithful companion.

    It is like me and a plate of catfish with the head on. There is no negative superlative created to express my disdain but I keep on trying.

    Some songs are like that.

  12. You must love Shaggy then. Anyway, thanks for the lighthearted introduction to blogspace; makes me wish I had more time to surf just for surfing's sake, see what you young'ns are up to on the web that we cavemen didn't have when we grew up. I'm only a 39-y.o. caveman, though, so maybe I'm not too old to read a few more of these blog things and perhaps even start my own one day. If my 2-year-old lets me. Cheers, -- Vin

  13. I think vinnie has a good point. The song must be about something else. Especially if they are truly at the point of HER taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen before breakfast, and changing the baby's diapers. Let's face it, she has clearly already "spread em" ... lol!

  14. last week My husband and I were on a Royal caribbean cruise on board the Freedom of the seas and The Nelson brothers held a tribute to their father Ricky Nelson. They are so down to earth and mingled with the crowd and held a concert in one of the lounges. The ships policy is you cannot video or take pictures but before they started they aid disregard the rules Video us take pictures of us and post on you tube. They are really good and Their father would e so proud. Thanks for a great concert

  15. I was certain they covered that bad song on a video. Personally i only hated it because i had teen daughters at the time. From a proud pappy