Poetry Videos On The Stoop

11/23/2013 Update: Blip.tv has removed non-series and vlogger videos from the service. I have downloaded most of my content and will have to upload to a new video web host. I'm looking at my Thanksgiving weekend to be able to start the process.

Some of the videos will have to be re-constructed because at the time of creation 320x240 was the display size.  Others will be lost in the myst of time because I'm not sure where my Hi-8 camera is or the tape that I used to record videos.

Yes, this is how history, culture and people are lost. But we keep trying.
2010 - 2011 Poets in Plain Sight at Saturday Afternoon Poetry

If you are a poet that I've recorded I do try to send an e-mail confirmation once I have posted on the blog.

A few of the e-mail addresses have bounced back.  Sling me an e-mail and I'll mail the video embed code to you so that you can place the video in your blog or web site.

The poetry presented belongs to and is copyrighted by the individual poet.When possible, show your appreciation by buying a chapbook or audio recording. I hear there are few items for sale at Amazon.com
Many years ago I was lucky enough to record a few of the poets that performed on the Metro Red, Blue and Gold Lines.  This is a sample of some of the performances.

Poetry on the Gold Line - Steve Petersen

Poetry on the Gold Line Teka Lark Lo

Poetry In Motion - Ellyn Maybe

Nikki Giovanni Q&A Finding Time

Poetry In Motion - Elena Karina Byrne

Poets in Motion - Helene Cardona and Catherine Daly

Poetry In Motion - John FitzGereld