Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alternative to Yahoo GeoCities - Google Sites

Earlier this month I tried to help put out the word that Yahoo GeoPages is making its transition to the great beyond.

I really do like blogs, I learned basic HTML, had Dreamweaver, Paint Shop Pro and god knows what else. It was a pain in the butt trying to make sure I had everything correct. Blogs saved me so much time it didn't make sense to keep up the site.

Websites, if constructed for ease of use are still good ways to present information that may not fit the blog format.

More important to me there is a lot of good old school Trek fan fiction that is about to hit the vapors. In any case, if you have old stuff on GeoCites consider transferring your content over to Google Sites, if your content doesn't fit the blog format. And it won't have that ad panel on the side. Selfish, I know but seriously I hate to see that Yahoo GeoCities stuff go to waste. Memories of simpler times.


  1. It's a crying shame that Yahoo is killing Geocities. Why not just leave well alone? It can't be much of a burden for them.

    If you have a Geocities site and you join Webring they can transfer your entire Geocities site and recreate it instantly in their Webspace! (It's free.) But don't dilly dally, there are only a few days left.

    You can download your entire Geocities site (or anyone else's!) very quickly with an offline browser such as WinHTTrack. Then find somewhere else to host the site, if you want...e.g. Google Sites as suggested above.

    In both cases, watch out for files that are not linked to anything else. You may have to save them separately, because Webring's transfer program or your offline browser might not be able to find them.

  2. I think there are many good alternatives for Geocities which are probably even better. Just search for free websites and compare the plans.