Saturday, April 25, 2009

GeoCities Coming Down - Grab Your Memories While You Can

No fooling. If you have an old GeoCities account that you forgot about you might want to spend some times doing an emergency evacuation real soon.

Remembering Your Life

Before Twitter, blogging and something else there was GeoCities. Yes, there was some stuff and cruff but it was a place that many hung their shingle for the first time.

I just downloaded a bunch of my old stuff that I'm going to recycle when I get a chance. I know there are some old skool folks that have a lot of work in GeoCities; help them out or snag that content before, well, I don't know.

Ask folks who use to be DivX users. Don't wait until the gate is shut. Hey, I forgot. Back up your templates no matter what platform you use. You never know.

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