Sunday, June 04, 2006

Poetry on the Gold Line - Teka Lark Lo

Ah, Barbie. Now that is a dame that has caused some commotion for the past 40 or 50 years. Women carve up their faces to look like her, people spending thousands of dollar to worship the icon of American beauty. Not to mention the clothes, cars and fabu homes.

No wonder she has so many jobs. I tell ya, she is an anorexic basket case waiting to happen. But what if Barbie had a secret life. What if she had a secret lover whose name is not Ken? In this poem from the Gold Line series Teka Lark Lo explores the realm of love with a Raggedy piece of cloth. For more information about Teka visit:

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  1. hi gena, its teex or teka lark, but teex sounds cool, huh...anyways, oh my god, i saw my picture and heard my voice and i was thinking who did that, then i remembered who you were, super cool chick, had i known, i would have invited you to my MOCA Grand reading, anyways, drop me an email so i can put you on my