Wednesday, September 29, 2004

In a previous life I was a collage babe - miss doing it but I'm in love with the process.

Doesn't matter if it is digital or paper. Rubber Cement can make me happy and I don't have to sniff it.

So in the spirit of sharing bliss I comment to your attention Scrapatorium

Yes, good gosh yes.

Where Can I Go?

I was just messing around, trying to find something to soothe my fiscally challenged mind and I stumble into a music web site that mentioned a collaboration between Ben Harper and the Five Blind Boys of Alabama.

Now I've heard of Ben Harper but I was practically raised on the gentlemen from down south so I had to take a quick look at Harper's web site to see what he was up to.

Had the pleasure of viewing a mini-documentary that gave a taste of the recording process and how the senior generation influences and inspires the young. The mini-docs are in Windows Media and Real Player format. Even those on dial up can catch a grove.

Plus you can grab a taste of some of the tunes that will be on the CD.

Mighty tasty.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ride The Peace Train - Official Cat Stevens Site

Everybody I know is shaking their heads about this one. It makes no sense. Although it goes a long way to help me explain the concept of racial and ethicnic profiling. But to pick on Yusuf Islam a.k.a. Cat Stevens?

From waayyy back in the day this man was singing about love, peace and all related topics. His music helped raise me, they are in my soul - the quality of his songs. And the fact he was a damn good looking man.

Still ain't half bad now, but I digress. In his current incarnation he has set up a charity in the UK called Small Kindness. If supporting orphans and helping building housing is considered bad then we as a nation haven't much more credibility to lose, it is gone. Don't take my word for it - check out the official site: