Sunday, November 13, 2016

Being Dragged to Pleasantville Against My Will

Trying to make sense of a different reality. Sometimes you have to look back to see a forward path. Or maybe I'm grasping at anything to help me understand why this has happened.

Once upon a time there was a 1998 movie called Pleasantville. A modern young man is fixated on a television show from the 1950's called Pleasantville.

This is the trailer for the movie.

It is a good movie and even though the trailer telegraphs the movie I still recommend it being seen.

But back to why I think it is relevant.

I kept hearing during the election that people want  to take their country back. What if they meant back to Pleasantville?

A time where you did not have to consider the other. There was no other?

No African Americans
No Latinix
No Asians
No other places, no other countries, nothing but themselves and each other.

You would have a class system.
You would have strictly defined culture roles
You would have permanent employment.

And all would be right with your world.
Because it would be a simple place.
A simple time.

So I heard people saying take American back, make it great again.

Back when? Who is included?

In Pleasantville, not me.

Not ever me.

But you say that is just a movie. I'm making too much of this. I have no proof of 21 century people wanting to return back to the 1950's.

Well, I kinda sorta do.

I can post a photos of people showing up at a veteran' parade in Petaluma, CA with the Confederate flag. I won't post it here.

I could point to the KKK parade planned for December 4, 2016 in North Carolina to celebrate the election of P45 not to mention the resurgence of their participation in mainstream society. Or I could point you to the one in Anaheim, CA.

I could ask a friend or two that moderate comment message boards how much hate speech has increased since the election. A lot. A whole freaking lot.

I could post news articles about the increase in racial profiling and attacks on elementary, high school and college campuses.

But facts and empirical proof doesn't mean anything anymore.

As I have been recently told,  I am promoting hate rhetoric.  My feelings are not important. Get over it.

So yeah. I am being dragged to Pleasantville where there is no place for me.

By y'all say wait. Give it time. "It won't be as bad as you think it will be."

L7 babe. The square root of nothingness.