Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick Recap on Blogging While Brown Conference

I'm stealing a little of my shrinking morning time to say how much I enjoyed the 2011 Blogging While Brown conference in Los Angeles. I do have photos and videos that I will be posting in a few days.

I knew going into the conference my intent was to listen and meet folks. I messed up one time when I found myself talking in one of the sessions but it is the effort that counts.

I feel encourage that there are so many new folks coming on board wanting to use the tools of blogging for advocacy and to generate alternative sources of income. No matter what your purpose is you have to remember the importance of content, good content that will get you to your goal.

And to those misguided souls considering being a payola pimp for products? Nooooooo. Don't do it. Many have crashed and burned following that path of broken glass.

There were a lot of photos and camcorders at the event so I'm expecting a bunch of good stuff appearing soon. Thanks to the sponsors who made the event possible.

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