Sunday, December 05, 2010

Listing To Rain and Other Thoughts About Lonlieness

It is raining on and off. This is strange. You see, this is supposed to be our fire season. Some doofus either sets a fire or nature causes a spark that has everybody nervous. It is better without the fires. I know that.

But it is raining. This isn't right.

You see we have our rain season between February and April. Los Angeles generally has really warm weather between September and November. I love my hot Santa Ana's winds. It is like being in love with an air stream.

Those with allergies do not love the Santa Ana's as I do. Those that hate high heat ain't crazy about them either.

Me, I adore them.

The winds haven't come as yet. Instead we've been having weather like San Francisco. It was so cold last week I voluntarily turned on the heater. It was a three blanket night.

Weather like this helps to make folks feel more isolated. Me? I'm good but I bought some DVD with classic movies that I use to watch on the Late, Late show.

For $9 the DVD set included:
  • An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
  • Leave Her to Heaven
  • Letter to Three Wives
  • Peyton Place
The mini documentary on Peyton Place was most interesting. The author Grace Metalious
was a hard knock dame who shook up the home town and nation by bringing sex, sexual violence and morals into plain view.

I have to say I've never watched the movie nor viewed the television show more than I had to. I was too young.

I'm a Sci-Fi girl, I can watch a good romance movie but I don't seek them out. I still haven't watch the DVD but I have been reading about Grace. If she could have eased up on the liqueur and got into the 1960's she might have found her space and time.

Now if somebody wanted to film Grace's story I'd pay cash money to see that. Trying to carve a path in the time of the real world Stepford wives was a mental battle not many of us would take one. It did kill Grace, along with the booze.

Writing can be cathartic but it isn't a cure for what is missing in your soul. It is important to remember that that thought when the rain comes down and there is no place to go but where you sit.

But if you have to drink and write I think fruit smoothies are the way to go. Reduces the chance of brain damage that way.

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