Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gift of Self-Pleasure - Audio Dramas and Recordings

There is more to life that boom-chicka-boom. What if you don't need to see it but you want something warm and tactile as you drift off to sleep. I may have found a few possibilities that could bring you and your mp3 player closer in the still of the night.

There is audio content for women but it took a while to track it down. Let me suggest to you that if you have a mp3 or media player, a bed and some toys you could find yourself drifting into contentment. This is truly can be interactive theater of the mind.

Here is what I found on the journey so far:

Silken on Sex puts the lit in clitoris entertainment. To sample her work you can visit iTunes and search under Silken on Sex. These are short, imaginative audio recordings that you can listen to on your iPod or for those of us using alternative devices you can save it on your mp3/media player. These are free to access.

You can also visit her site at If you liked what you heard and would appreciate a longer story or something a bit more intense than what is permissible on iTunes pony up for the download or CD version.

You can also listen to Erotica Exploration on iTunes.

Back on the Internet,A Woman's Good Night is what I was searching for but did not know it existed. Good storytelling, vocal acting, sensuality and, for me, male voices telling me a story.

From the web site:
It is our philosophy that all women, regardless of their wide range of tastes and experiences, share the need to approach sex with their head first followed by their body; and if the heart gets involved, all the better.
There is an indication of the level of explicitness, the reader, the author and genre. You can listen to a sample of the story before you purchase.

For the frugal and frustrated there is Literotica where you can find audio stories and poetry for a variety of taste.

Now I gotta tell you, you take your chances here. Some of the recordings are a transcription of actual events, i.e. a person left the recorder on during a lovemaking session. This might work for you or not but I can't call it storytelling. It is more like on the scene reporting.

Other recordings are either sex wrapped in a story or storytelling with sex in it. The poor narration from some of the story tellers takes away from the presentation.

One more for the road. Nobilis Erotica is science fiction based audio anthology for those of us that need a little something more than pleasing Mr. Postman.


  1. Whoa! What a fascinating, modern world we live in. You should read some of the keyword searches that wind up at Mature Landscaping!

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    Another two podcasts you might want to check out:

    Helen E H Madden's "Heat Flash"

    Philippa Ballantine's "Erotica a la Carte"

    Both of these, like my podcast, have science fiction/fantasy/horror aspects as well.

  3. Thanks Nobilis for additional podcasts. I'm am gonna yack up to griping friends that there are options. Finding the rascals is tricky.

    I gotta tell you it was hard to find folks that knew about audio dramas let alone those with sexual content. Videobloggers and those that want to find non-corporate content face the same issues.

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for mentioning my podcast Silken on Sex, and my erotica site I thought I'd let you know I've merged my blog and podcast and audio erotica all onto one site: