Sunday, June 21, 2009

PresentationCamp L.A. – What Do You Want To Know?

I've told folks last week about PresentationCamp L.A. I wish I knew about it sooner but such is life. My previous post mentioned the serendipity that caused me to become aware of the techniques and skills of presentation. There are very similar to writing, blogging and storytelling.

So this video is for folks that could not attend or wonder why would you give up a Saturday to do this? There were professional presenters, entrepreneurs, people that worked in non-profit organizations, life coaches, representatives from engineering and health sciences. The common intersection among us was the need to transfer what we know to another person.

What are the questions? How do you do it. So at the beginning of an Un-conference/BarCamp experience the participants decide on the day’s agenda. Cliff Atkinson and Lisa Braithwaite kick of the day with the invitation to “ask for what you want.”

For more information or to check to see if there are other videos or notes check out the PresentationCamp wiki.


  1. Gena, it was great to meet you yesterday and I'm impressed with this quick video you put together. You are such a pro. :-) If you don't mind, I'm going to include it in my PCampLA wrap-up, and will link back to your site and credit you, of course!

  2. Sure, no problem. Hope to have one or two more posted soon.