Friday, May 08, 2009

Kicks on the Finally Friday Freakout

When local television was really local the bands at the time would perform on the dances shows. Most every city had one show that folks watched every day or on Saturday.

On Sunday nights when the Black radio stations shut down at 6pm or sundown. (I'm gonna have to explain that in another post) you either pulled out your 45s or 33.3rds or, in certain cities, you tuned into the "other" station.

They would play some Motown but mostly it was Sonny & Cher, The Beach Boys and these guys. I have never seen this performed so I present to you Paul Revere and the Raiders and Kicks (Just Keep Getting Harder to Find) with Mark Lindsey making with the vocals.

Let's keep the howling laughter to a minimum please. You do not know how we suffered back then. No FM radio. You needed cash money and transportation to go to the shows like the Apollo. Or it is Sunday night and it is 3 below zero. You worked with it. You were lucky if you scored some Righteous Brothers or Catching the Westbound Number 9.

My poor little 9 volt transistor radio could only reach so far. You know it is kinda strange that his hair stays in place while he is singing. Anyway take what you will from the experience. I just heard all of the lyrics clearly for the first time. Wow, it is a stone gas man.

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