Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't Let Aisa Go Just Yet - There Must Be Something We Can Do?

For those of you that don't know a young lady, Aisa McGowan, was murdered last week by a stalker. The stalker used YouTube and Facebook to harass her. The man killed her in her classroom at a Detroit college and then killed himself.

You can get the story at What About Our Daughters. There is also a post up on Feminsting and Whose Shoes Are These Anyway. Before her death, Aisa recorded a video and was talking specifically to the haters. She was trying to explain what hate does to you, why she is doing the videos (just to have some fun) and if you don't like them move on. Aisa was confident, strong and our daughter on the journey.

This is one YouTube video I will not post at the moment because it hurts and breaks my heart. You can see the video if it is still up on WAOD or YouTube. I posted on another blog that if folks were open to it I would like to help create a response video. Or what other idea can come forth.

I was thinking we could do something like a photo/video/audio something to let people know that we will not be silent and we will not hide. It could be like a video/photo montage.

We need to tell the haters we will not hide our light, our minds or souls. We need to let the world(s) we occupy know that we mourn our sister and if M$M doesn't care about brown skin sisters being slain then we must do what is right.

We need to teach the young ladies how to defend themselves on-line and we need to bring our older sister women into techno-consciousness.

I don't know if this can be done or even if there is a will among us to try. I can only put it out there and see where the idea is gonna go. Hit me in the comments if you are interested.


  1. I've read a lot of posts on this incident that essentially say that she shouldn't have been on Facebook and YouTube and this wouldn't have happened. They completely ignore that this guy was in one of her classes. I do not believe that Asia did anything wrong and will support you if you want to do a video about it. We should not be silent.

  2. Ah yes, the "if you had just been quiet and hidden none of this would have happened" theory.

    I am working on something. I wanted to do something to tell women not to hide the voices or their light. I am looking for poetry, spoken word, video or anything positive that folks want to contribute. You can send me a comment or e-mail me and we'll all (I ain't leaving anyone out if I can help it.) can make something of this and all of the women who have been attacked, maimed or killed.

    Open to suggestions and will keep folks on the up and up. My goal date is May 9th.