Sunday, July 08, 2007

Soiling the Sandbox - What Do I Do With My Anger

This is an example of a spammer destroying a wiki page.

This is (or was) a wiki for folks to share information about videoblogging and related matters. It was an open wiki, meaning that if you had something to share you could sign up and post your information. No gatekeepers.

I contributed on and off and wrote a section about Screencasting. I've restored it but the maggot will be back. He has also added pages about cell phone and ringtones which has nothing to do with the topic.

Because it is open anyone, including this "entrepreneur" has decided to infest the wiki with links to pharmaceuticals and ringtones. He, she or more to the point, It is also infesting the Milwaukee School of Engineering, the Plasma, Science and Fusion Center at MIT, and the Engineering department of Brown University in their forum sections. Not hard to figure out, the links all lead back to those schools.

Well, this is pretty good company to be miserable in but damn! I'm angry because when a person does a search for screencasting this page comes to the top. I don't want them to see spam. There is no legitimacy in stealing for your profits.

I don't want some dumb dispirit person giving spammers money for a product that has to be prescribed by a doctor in the first place.

I want to say to the person "What part of bone head move don't you understand. It not what you think it is and considering the source (think far east and turn left) do you really want to risk ingesting some form of plastic or pesticide for a potential temporary rise in action?"

I have an old website that I'm going to rehabilitate and place it there, soon as I remember how to write in HTML. Here is why I am angry. Since I have started blogging/vlogging I have met some wonderful people. Pro-active people. Same kind of folks I encounter in the corporeal world.

It make me crazy to see a human turn something positive turned into something negative. It always has, it always will. My solution is do more positive stuff to counter balance the negative flow. It is a good solution but it doesn't stop me from wanting to beat the hell out of this person.

Yeah, I won't be ascending to Buddha level anytime soon.

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