Saturday, February 19, 2005

Long And Lonesome Road – Scrappyland

A person could accuse Harry McCracken of having way too much time on his hands.

Why dedicate effort into an obscure animated black and white cartoon? A cartoon that has no available DVD or VHS products and almost no prospect of any being developed?

The question begs, Why create Scrappyland? Why create an entire web site without any help from Columbia Tri-Star or Sony Picture Entertainment, the current owners?

I can think of a number of reasons. Scrappy is a part of American animation history. It is a chance to rediscover what was funny in 1934 America and learn about a few of the innovations found in Scrappy cartoons, such as the use of montages. If you have a love and appreciation for traditional animation then this is a part of your knowledge bank that needs to be filled.

The site is full of details of the history of Scrappy cartoons, an frequently asked questions page, a gallery of images, resources and a great deal of passion to pull all of this together in a well design web site -

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