Friday, July 08, 2011

Why I'm Going To Blogging While Brown

I'm not a blogging newbie. I was on the Internet before blogging was birthed.

I remember when I had to work in HTML and then FTP web pages up to the server only to find that I had goofed on something and had to do it all over again.

I learned things. How to stay out of old school chat rooms that were not moderated. How to write gender ambiguously so as not to have my words dismissed from jump street. To lurk and get the lay of the land to see if it was safe to be my authentic self.

Then came my own blog. Videoblogging. BlogHer. Care2 and so much more. And yet for umpteen years I've manage to miss the Blogging While Brown conference. Mainly due to distance and/or financial constrictions.

Not this time. I have my ticket and I am going!

Here is why:

When dumb ass clucks want to suggest that a black child in slavery is better off than a 21st century free person and a presidential candidate signs off with pride I need to go and anyone who wants to start a blog to do so.

I need to talk with progressive and conservative folks to find the common ground and not light firewalls of division. I'm looking for people open for a dialog. I might find a few at the conference.

I ain't entertaining stupid. I've had my fill of bone stupid people from either side.

I don't care if you write about make-up, sports, power tools or sweetness of Auntie Renee's tea we need thinking, content producing folks, now, right now and soon.

Critical thinkers, for the love of God get to typing!

The crazy has brook loose and starting to multiply. All hands on deck.

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  1. You certainly have that here at #bwb. So many relationships with progressive content producers are being made. I'm glad you're here and I personally look forward to meeting you.