Wednesday, December 08, 2010

For Aaron's Birthday - The Full Dose of the Funky Chicken

There are times when you are funky and there are times when you need the power of The Funk to lift you to a higher space.

I don't know Aaron Vest because his wife twitters 72.8 times more than he does. I have met him once or twice but not a day goes by without Mrs. Vest throwing a tweet or two in his direction.

This is for his birthday and since I don't know what to get a man who has everything, even in the mist of a hell, high water and is that a tsunami about to break? kind of year.

This is the full get up off that thing version of Mr. Rufus Thomas and the Funky Chicken. Grab a thigh bone and do what you can. Those with wing trouble can sway and cluck, same thing but don't over do it.

Pace yourself. These are professional dancing cluckers.

1 comment:

  1. great pm break! this and cayenne hot chocolate makes this grey damn day a lot mo better