Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Being 52 - Reflections on VloMo 2010

It is Day 30 and this is just a quick reflection on how I experienced recording face to video.

This is day 30 of National Videoblogging Posting Month.



  1. Showing your face on-camera is an odd thing, especially when you are also the whole production team. I can't avoid a sense of narcissism when I appear in my own videos, but I have considerably fewer worries about appearing for others. Have you tried that?

    It may sound corny, but while watching you in some of your other videos I had been thinking how good you look for 52.

    I'm a mere 49 and I was appalled when I first saw my rough old face in high definition. Ageing eyes can be kind to the mirror, at least.

    I hope you keep on making videos, and I look forward to a wry smile about this one in a "Being 62"!

  2. I blush. I can't take credit; my ancestors tend to visibly age slower. My hands rat me out. I think it is a disconnect between who I think I look like versus the reality of what I do look like.

    As for making videos, they'll have to pry the camera out of my cold dead hands. I'll make appearances from time to time. I think I just have to get use to it.

    Being 62? Has a good ring to it.

  3. I'd like to see you in front of the camera more often, Gena. I've been pretty quiet but I've been watching them...

  4. Careful what you ask for. I've still got the bacon lolly pop that I could talk about for three minutes without drawing a breath.