Thursday, March 18, 2010

More on Math Empowerment Via Games and Tutorials

My post on Women, Stop Saying You Hate Math is up on BlogHer. I usually have more research than I need so let me add a few more math goodies that will aid in the math reclamation project.

Visual Math Dictionary
This is a cute visual dictionary of math terms for kids and people who use to be one. A Math Dictionary for Kids You can see what an angle of 23 degrees looks like and help feed a pelican. This site was created by Jenny Eather.

This one might be good for the wee ones. Or yourself. I won't tell you are playing a kid game. I want you too. Okta might look friendly but that octopus gets an attitude when it loses. The name of the game is Deep Sea Duel.

Deep Sea Duel
It is an Addition game where you can start out nice and easy or head for the dark side. This and other on-line math games can be found at the National Council of Math Teachers section of the web site call Illuminations.

You say you have the Addition thing down and you need reinforcement on the Algebra kick? I got a little something for you. AlgeBasics is a little old school but it gets the job done.

You select the type of problem you have and the you see an animate solution to the problem with a voice over as a guide.

Oh the red ink this could have save myself from seeing. PEMDAS baby, it is all in the PEMDAS.

The are just a few examples that you can check out in your jammies. Yea, in the war against the proud and stupid we must set up the basic perimeter of defenses. The ability to do arithmetic and various forms mathematics is part of the reclamation project.

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