Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Dance at Santa Monica Pier - Summer of Staycation 2

Dance, dance and dance some more! Turn off the DTV and go do it for yourself without judgment or national humiliation. The Santa Monica Pier has a Twilight Dance Series from now until September 3rd. This is the 25th year and the hipulation will commence with the Playing for Change band.

Am I psychic or what? Yowser and pass the Ginger Beer. Yes, some of those folks. And if they can get that Belgium brother over here I might book a hotel room to see him.

Cuz there is no way I'm gonna get home from Santa Monica after 11pm without added to my life experiences. Yes, take Metro if you can but ladies, this is time you need to hook up a ride if you live more than a half hour's walking distance from the pier.

No fooling. Last trains leave at 11:30pm, buses if they are running are on a hour or hour and a half schedule and catching a taxi home might equal the cost of the hotel room.

So, barring a thunderstorm, quake, fire or somebody doing something supremely stupid check it out, dance it out and you know, enjoy life while the clock is ticking.

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  1. Dancing always makes things better. Recently, in one of the few days of June that we didn't have rain and the sun peaked its head out - there was an outdoor group dance for the Juneteenth Celebration in Roxbury (Boston). All the versions of the electric slide were played. It was wonderful. As James Brown, sang so famously, "a funky good time!"