Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playing For Change - Stand By Me

I'm still tearing up and I don't mind. Hat tip to Sumner at Meaningful Life for posting this video. This is a selection from the documentary "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music. This is a world wide collaboration of Ben E. King's Stand By Me.

I lost it when I saw the guy from New Orleans. When the brother from Amsterdam started wailing I was a lost cause. Everybody else in the video damn near broke my heart. Music can do that to you, hurt and heal at the same time.

There is a web site you can visit to get the full scoop.
I don't know much more than that. When I can stop sniffing, I'll give it a look see.

5:43pm Update: Just learned from the Tweets that Bill Moyers interviewed Producer Mark Johnson about the documentary.

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  1. Wow. Thanks so much for posting this clip. As I watched I couldn't but help thinking about how music programs are cut in schools as if music is a luxury. Music surely is a life line for us all. Thanks again.