Sunday, June 21, 2009

PresentationCamp L.A. Pre-Ramble or A Tale of Two Books

The PSA project was and is making me crazy. I know what I want to do, I know the information I want to convey but I need to deliver it in an accessible and visual manner. I also want to teach people how to do this as well but I have to simplify the process.

Yes, I don't lack for things to do.


Here is the thing, I am not a designer, educational media specialist or the slickest video kid on the block. I don't have to be but I needed help.

I stared looking for books and resources on how to convey information that could help me with the stories I need to pass on down the line.

I decide on Slide:ology by Nancy Duate. Off I go to the local bookstore. Not in stock. Store #2, nope just sold out.

Hit up on Store #3, where I call before I make a move, and "Yes, we've got it."

They didn't have it.

I look down and I see this book, Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson. I open it up, flip the pages and it seemed to speak of the processes on how to do this and understand what the audience needs from people who present information.

Sold. I'll order the other book online. Time marches on.

Ok a full three months pass by without ordering the book.

A few days ago a friend e-mails me that she just learned via the Apple Store how to bring her Keynote slides into iMovie and export into a Flash movie format.

I sent her a link to Cliff's website. I also check out the Beyond Bullet Points blog and that is how I found out about Presentation Camp L.A.

It was a mind inspiring day. I'm editing video so I hope to have something soon. It is that time thing, don’t have as much as I need or want.

Oh yeah, the purpose of this pre-ramble. I got a copy of Slide:ology, iMovie 09, and When Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes by Andy Goodman.

Serendipity has often meant to me to surrender to the possible you can't see. Or getting whacked upside the head with a lot of information at one time. It is a good thing but it still knocks me out when it happens.

I mean that literally because it took three hours to get home (Dang that Metro!) and I conked out shortly after.

It was great but a really long day. In another ramble I need to re-think why I don't drive.

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