Friday, April 17, 2009

Hold On Change Is Coming on The Finally Friday Freakout

The Sounds of Blackness. I use to play the cassette to death and beyond. I loved the whole album and in times of trouble I'd listen to it 3x a day like it was medicine. This is a video with the group with the late Roger Troutman of Zapp. This is a version of Hold On, Change Is Coming...

I hope so. I think I should dig up a copy of It's Gonna Take A Miracle but I'm trying to get out of my cynical, despondent and other disappointment in the human race. I should have it kicked by Monday or so.


  1. This is the song that got me through that long election season. I just kept listening and singing along when it got too crazy.

  2. Oh I wished I had thought of that. I still can't find the cassette and it will be a while before I'm ordering anything so I'm glad I found the video.

    When I first got the album, Africa to America, I swear i listened to Side 1 for three years before I flipped it over to Side 2.

    Great album.