Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ms. Evelyn Blakley Has Made Her Transition

Maureen Gray lead me to this video on the daughter of jazz artist Art Blakley passing. I had never heard of Ms. Blakley or had access to her work. This is a lovely piece of jazz music that we as a community of humans miss when we do not pay attention to the proper things.

There is a calm feeling emanating from the video. It comes from women in the band, the texture of the composition and the true import of the words of the song. They are relaxed. The womenfolk know what they are doing; they are creating music.

I'm begging you, record your pioneers and torch bearers before it is too late. Audio or video or any future means necessary. Please lay down those tracks before all of our history fades to commerical dust.

Friday, August 17, 2007

BlogHer Acts Global Health Initiative

September 3, 2007 Update. It has been decided that Maternal Health will be the focus of the BlogHer Acts Global Health Initiative.

For more information visit

Prior post with voting chart removed:

Here ye, gather round and make your selection. Now is your opportunity to let your opinion be known about where the BlogHer women folk should direct their attention for the next year.

Men folk and Trans-gendered folks are welcome to participate but the goal is to find out which area we collectively can have on making a change to an existing need. We will find out if women focused action is all talk or can we move that mountain.

Or at least make one person's life better because of our actions.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Majora Carter Speaking About Environmental Justice

I've been waiting for this woman yet I did not know her name. You can't talk about environmental issues without involving people of color. You can't talk about living a green urban lifestyle if your neighbors down the road are exposed to toxins and lack of health treatment alternatives.

And you damn sure can't continue to export jobs overseas, import labor and expect the existing communities not to react in anger and escalating violence. We need to talk on many different levels. In the meantime, listen to Majora Carter in a July 2006 presentation given at the TED conference.

I want to give a shout out to They sell multimedia software presentation products. I receive an e-newsletter about the software. In the current edition they had this link to Majora Carter speaking at TED.

They did not have to do this; it adds nothing to the immediate bottom line. But will I forget where I found the link to Majora's video at TED? Nope. Did I look at their line of products. Yes.

Will I give them fair consideration the next time someone ask me about presentation software? ;-}

Check out Majora's speech. It is about 20 minutes long. For those who want to know more visit

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Her Name Is Racheal

Once upon a time there was this woman who called herself "Ugly Fat Lady".

I've known about her vlog for a long time and I would check it out. But I hated the name and the concept of it. She wasn't ugly and fat is relative. I would wince in sympathy pain because it feels bad not to measure up to an artificial standard.

The solution is to have your own standard of being healthy and being beautiful. You can't buy that at the store. Food plans yes. Working out healthy eating skills is absolutely important but diets? Ewww!

Anyway, for just about a year she has been working on herself. She tried to diet, motivate herself, taking on making a movie, going to classes and continued to try to lose weight.

In the process, well, she can tell you about the process but the good news is that a new person has emerged. Her name is Rachael.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jane Gordon and Carol Lin Talk About Communities

I try to never dismiss the power of connections. You never know from who or where your blessings may come from.

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In this clip from the BlogHer 2007 session on "The Life Stages of Communities" Carol Lin talks about how she gave an interview with Rox from Beach Walks with Rox and how that interview lead to assistance with fund raising and networking opportunities.

This is an excerpt from the BlogHer 2007 conference session on online communities. I have about 10 more hours to edit. Some of the topics and ideas shared by the participants transcend the conference. I want make sure that as many people as possible get to her some of the extrondinary women who attended BlogHer 2007.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Bogeyman In The Room

This maybe too in-house for non-bloggers please forgive me. So here we are in this dark, damp place. There is a Bogeyman in the room. Most of use can't see him but he is here, laughing. The Bogeyman is not Loren Feldman, he is just the latest recruit to sign on board the Hate (for profit) boat.

Let me be clear. I dislike this video for a number of reasons. It opens old hurts. It is like being shot with the same damn bullet over and over again in a different place. I will become angry. The bullet came to one of my safe places at the Videoblogging group and toxed up the joint.

I feel pain when a whole class of people are made a target for crude attempts of humor so that one person can gain a micro-meter of notoriety. Is fame really worth this cost? Ultimately it doesn't really matter the reason he did this - the video exists. He can't take it back.

But I also know (or figured out once I calmed down) is that Loren is the new carrier but the Bogeyman is running the show. The Bogeyman is prejudice, racism and sexism. It is also our inability to talk about those issues.

So I want to talk about The Bogeyman and how we can start to reduce the poison level. This is 11 minutes of me talking. As an alternative you could check out the links below. There is good stuff to be found.


KRS One - See Past the Present into The Future

I'm working on a video that is driving me insane. But I stopped by and got reminded by a generational teacher what I need to do.

As with all good lessons I share this one with you.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jane and Besty Talk About Comment Moderation

Jane Goldman and Besty Aoki talk about how they handle wayward comments and involving the community to aid in keeping the comment civil. One of the ideas suggested was a code of conduct that the community will support.

This is an extract from the BlogHer 2007 breakout session, The Life Stages of Online Communities with Jan Goldman, Carol Lin, Betsy Aoki and Aliza Sherman.

This video was recorded at the BlogHer07 A World of Difference conference on July 27, 2007. For more information about BlogHer visit

Aliza - An Excerpt From Life Stages of Online Commuities

In this video, Aliza Sherman is speaking about the need of bloggers and website creators to be upfront about your intentions. She encourages the session to think about the potential growth path as far as the blog and the blog's community is concerned.

What kind of community do you want to create? Is it commercial or non-commercial? How do you want to move forward and share that experience with the the community?

This video was recorded at the BlogHer07 A World of Difference conference on July 27, 2007. For more information about BlogHer visit For more information about Aliza you can visit her site at or

Thursday, August 02, 2007

BlogHer07 Reflections - Comment Moderation

This particular conversation is happening between bloggers and vloggers about the amount of troll, hate speech and those entities that bring the civil discourse down to base level.

This is a short comment from a blogger, I'm sorry I didn't get her name and can't see it from her badge; she is giving her opinion on how to deal with troll level comments.

Let me make a distinction between those that disagree with what I've presented and those that are just flat out mean for kicks' sake. I've got a troll that routinely sends me misogynistic posts that involve religion.

The comments make no sense. They do not related to the topic and they go on and on into biblical citations that Jesus wouldn't recognize or condone. To the extent possible you will never see those posts because if I'm such a inferior form of life why is he wasting time telling me so?

Behind The Screen...

It is taking me longer than expected to get back up to vlogging speed. I'd like to blame it on being ditzy but the truth is I had more stuff than I could fit in my luggage so I got a box from the hotel and shipped my goodies home via UPS Ground.

This included my power cord to my new hard drive camcorder. A proprietary cord. A frigging $97 cord if the package never arrives. Add insult to injury I don't have the tracking slip from UPS to check on the delivery status.

Ah well, I still have my health.

In the meantime I've snagged what I could before the battery died and this is the start of the experience. It was great but I'm still processing what the heck happened in Chicago?

Note to self, not even one glass of wine next year.

Cambodian Blogging Summit - August 30 -31

Man, if I had the money and more vacation time I'd be there in a heartbeat. There is going to be a great meet-up with Cambodian bloggers, non-governmental organizations, professional bloggers and anyone else who happens to be in the neighborhood on August 30 -31, 2007


There will be exchanges of information, technology, friendship and unquestionably some jamming culinary possibilities. That is if you can pry the bloggers away from their laptops long enough for a decent meal. Not as easy as it sounds.

Beth Kanter is heading overseas to take vlogging kits, donated swag and other teaching goodies. If you want to check out what she is doing and how you can help visit

More importantly, if you could drop some cash money like $20 or more to help Beth get over to the other side of the world that would be major cool. She needs a total of $4,000 by August 10th to make the trip happen and send the stuff over to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Beth has a deal with ChipIn where if she raises a certain amount of moolah they will match it. Each one teach one! So pull back on three days worth of lattes and help a cyber-sister out. Remember, she needs the money by August 10th to book the flight but she will need funds once she is in country.

August 14, 2007 Update - Blessings to Beth as she books her trip! $4,151 was raised or 103% of the goal. The recycled swag level is picking up and it will be a great time. Beyond cool, hopefully there will be video to pass around to those of us looking wistfully over the ocean.