Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fireplug in Los Angeles - Lumiere Video

I had stopped by to check out Andreas and his new project over at Lumiere Videos. I like the idea of playing with constraints with video. But my life is going full tilt so I didn't think I'd get an opportunity to contribute.

Windows Video

QuickTime Video

Here Are The Rules:
  • 60 seconds max.
  • Fixed camera
  • No audio
  • No zoom
  • No edit
  • No effects
It just so happened that I was walking down the street in Los Angeles. Cars were coming every which way. I was thinking 101 thoughts when I almost saw it but walked past it. Something caught my attention and I knew I had my moment.

It felt right. I turned around and started my camcorder.

There is the contradictions of waste and plenty. The cement and the will of plants to break the cement. Isolation in the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon. And in a strange way, a bit of hope. I hope that I continue to learn to slow down and look at my environment.

7/22/07 - I goofed up and forgot to strip the audio the first time. Not good at the rules thing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

24 Hours For Darfur - What Do You Have To Say

I have to go to the Salt Mine but this is important. Please stop by Beth Kanter's post on BlogHer about folks creating video awareness for the people of Darfur. You can also visit

You can watch some of the videos that have already been created by visiting

Dang, gotta go.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The NOmadjik Bus - On the Mobile News Network

So much good stuff is happening I can't keep track. Just got this heads up about a fantastic project from Flux Rostrum.

The goal of the project for those that can't see the video is that an old school bus will be converted into a traveling journalism media center. There will be places on the bus to hook up laptops and camcorders. There will be places to sleep and every once in a while a dance might bus out on the roof.

The bus will be converted into a veggie oil fuel vehicle and there will be a satellite cuz the next natural or un-natural event of nature that hits in the lower 48 states may disrupt the power grid as we know it.

Like all good underground media projects that are rising to the surface they need just a little cash flow. If you can put a latte's worth of cash into the tip jar it would be much appreciated. The project needs about $2,000. I'm figuring if 1,000 people like the idea and drop $2 we can get it done.

For more information about the NOmajik Bus or to make a contribution visit

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Photocopy Meme - The Sex Life of An Electron

Way before the Internet, even before BBS there were photocopy memes. These gems were secretly photocopied by bored, tired or otherwise underutilized employees to share a bit of levity with their co-workers.

We didn't ask them to do this mind you. In fact 9 times out of 10 these photocopy memes got balled up in the trash or stuffed in a drawer and forgotten. So when you hear the old folks yammer on about the coarseness of the times I want to you whip this baby out and smile as you reminded them of days gone by. Maybe from a distance cuz some of our great-grands still have a mean right hook.

I'm trying to increase my prosperity level which means something has got to go. I release, for historical purposes only, in glorious Courier:

The Sex Life of An Electron

On night when he was pretty high, Micro Farad decided to try and get a cute little coil to let him discharge. He picked up Millie Amp and took her for a ride on his megacycle. They rode across the Wheatstone Bridge around the sine wave and stopped in a magnetic field b a flowing current.

Micro, attracted by Millie's characteristic curves, soon had his resistance at a minimum and his field fully excited. He laid her on the ground potential, praised her frequency, lowered her capacitance, and pulled out his high voltage probe. He inserted it into her socket, connecting them in parallel, and began to short circuit her shunt.

Fully excited, Millie said "MHO, MHO, Give me MHO!" With his tube operating at maximum peak and her coil vibrating at resonance from the flow of current, she soon reached maximum peak. The excess current flow had gotten her hot and Micro was rapidly discharged and drained of every electron.

They fluxed all night, trying various connections and sockets until his bar magnet had lost all its field strength. Afterwards, Millie tried self induction and damaged her solenoid. With his battery fully discharged, Micros was unable to excite his generator, so the ended up by reversing polarity and blowing each other's fuses.

Watt A Night!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Soiling the Sandbox - What Do I Do With My Anger

This is an example of a spammer destroying a wiki page.

This is (or was) a wiki for folks to share information about videoblogging and related matters. It was an open wiki, meaning that if you had something to share you could sign up and post your information. No gatekeepers.

I contributed on and off and wrote a section about Screencasting. I've restored it but the maggot will be back. He has also added pages about cell phone and ringtones which has nothing to do with the topic.

Because it is open anyone, including this "entrepreneur" has decided to infest the wiki with links to pharmaceuticals and ringtones. He, she or more to the point, It is also infesting the Milwaukee School of Engineering, the Plasma, Science and Fusion Center at MIT, and the Engineering department of Brown University in their forum sections. Not hard to figure out, the links all lead back to those schools.

Well, this is pretty good company to be miserable in but damn! I'm angry because when a person does a search for screencasting this page comes to the top. I don't want them to see spam. There is no legitimacy in stealing for your profits.

I don't want some dumb dispirit person giving spammers money for a product that has to be prescribed by a doctor in the first place.

I want to say to the person "What part of bone head move don't you understand. It not what you think it is and considering the source (think far east and turn left) do you really want to risk ingesting some form of plastic or pesticide for a potential temporary rise in action?"

I have an old website that I'm going to rehabilitate and place it there, soon as I remember how to write in HTML. Here is why I am angry. Since I have started blogging/vlogging I have met some wonderful people. Pro-active people. Same kind of folks I encounter in the corporeal world.

It make me crazy to see a human turn something positive turned into something negative. It always has, it always will. My solution is do more positive stuff to counter balance the negative flow. It is a good solution but it doesn't stop me from wanting to beat the hell out of this person.

Yeah, I won't be ascending to Buddha level anytime soon.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Truth is Glass - L.A. Convention Center

This is a video round up of my experience. I saw many things.

I have to say that I am glad that I went but it was the most un-erotic place I've ever been. Not to say that there wasn't items of interest but I think an opportunity has been missed.

The event was billed for couples, meaning women folk could attend and not get grossed out. I'd say the ratio was about 60% men and 40% women.

There were Booth Rabbits as well as Booth Bunnys. Just not enough Booth Rabbits. And there was DVD all over the joint selling for $2. I looked in the boxes. Sigh. How many times can you witness women practicing their oral exercises?

Yeah, I know fellas, I know. Never enough.

I'm still kicking myself for not getting that Sci-Fi CGI video for $10. But to be honest, I was looking at it more for analyzing the CGI techniques rather than the content.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm a reader so maybe it is me but there wasn't even DVD stuff I'd take a chance on for $2.

There were companies that didn't belong at the event. Teeth whitening? Realtors? Erectile Dysfunction vendors? What guy is going to walk up to an ED table at a Poontang show and say the magic words, "Can you help me?"

Ok, the caterer to Malibu Moms #4 was way cool, he should definitely come back next year. His stuff tasted very good.

There were products designed for the female persuasion but I had to walk from here to Padumpadump to find them.

Special shout out to local female friendly vendors such as Freddy and Eddy, Babeland (whose booth I couldn't find but I've been to the store) and The Pleasure Chest. These are good places to buy products and to check out the latest gadgets. They also have workshops and seminars.

But I don't think they have a silicone guy doll yet.

Who Wasn't There?

I'd think you'd want to invite condom makers like Trojan. Nope. No samples, no product information, cuz there was no Trojan or any other condom company.

I fully expected some of the safe sex organizations to be there but there were none in attendance. I covered that hall, let me tell you and there should have been a booth on safe sex practices. I know there are issues with the industry but this was an opportunity for outreach.

Lemme see, the de-sexing of the sexual. Between the warning signs (you could not touch, you could not flash skin and they would take your camera if you got caught snapping someone that did), the LAPD presence (they didn't look happy to be there and showed it) and the ever vigilant eyes of security that made sure nobody touched nothing corporeal it was as if you were looking at stuff through an invisible plexiglass door.

With the exception of the Art Show it was desaturated of energy. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. The repression continues...

Will I go next year? I don't think so. I'm too short to see over tall people's heads so I couldn't see the Zumanity performance or any of the stage shows.

As the show progressed it got more and more crowded. The more tall men packed the hall the less I was able to see. Maybe if they make changes to accommodate more single women and have more products that are easy to find.