Sunday, October 07, 2007

ArtNight Pasadena - Your Friday Night Is Booked

This week you can't say that there is nothing going on, actually you can't say that about most weeks in the Los Angeles area.

Anyway, I'm giving you the head's up about ArtNight Pasadena where you can visit some of the artistic and cultural goodies for free. Not only that but you get the opportunity to fill your soul with some of the cultural richness that Pasadena has to offer.

Here is the deal, you find your way to Pasadena; ideally by MTA but I do understand the reality of traveling on buses at night. Ick So carpool if you can. Aim toward one of the following locations, visit it then then hop on one of the free art shuttle buses that will take you to various locations.

Or, you can hook up with fellow C.I.C.L.E bicycle folks and join the rolling tour. The meet-up for the C.I.C.L.E gang is in One Colorado Courtyard in Old Town behind the Patagonia store.

What locations?
  • Art Center College of Design
  • Pasadena Museum of History
  • An installation and performances at One Colorado in Old Town
  • The Armory locations at North Raymond and Fair Oaks
  • Light Bringer Project on South Raymond
  • Pasadena Symphony
  • Pasadena Jazz
  • Pasadena Public Library where there will be a bunch of dancing, graphic novels and music
  • Pasadena Museum of California Art
  • Pasadena Playhouse
  • Pasadena Conservatory of Music - with a "Body Percussion" concert
  • and Pasadena City College sharing The Soldier's Skin where you can take home a poster of a memorial tattoos from US Marines.
This is just a small part of what is happening in Pasadena this month. I got more to tell and show but this is the starting point. So bust out of L7 and do something different between the hours of 6 to 10pm on Friday October 12, 2007.

And it is free, no charge as in no cost to you. Be cool and frugal.

As an added insentive there are a couple of new Italian ice creme and yogurt places in Old Town that you need to introduce to your mouth. Serious flavor explosions.


  1. Hey, I'll be up there this weekend for the Learning and Product Expo. Can you tell me more about these ice cream and yogurt places, or other good places to eat?

    I know about art night but not quite sure which places are worth the visit... thanks for any extra info!

  2. There are a lot of great places to eat in Pasadena both on and off of Colorado Blvd. Since I'm on the frugal side of the fence I'll let you in on tasty and inexpensive places.

    You are going to be at the Pasadena Conference Center. The Center is across the street from Paseo Colorado which is an open mall type deal. If you walk through the mall area you will see a couple of chain restaurants - they are ok but not what I have in mind.

    I'm going to post a few places in a separate post above.