Thursday, August 02, 2007

BlogHer07 Reflections - Comment Moderation

This particular conversation is happening between bloggers and vloggers about the amount of troll, hate speech and those entities that bring the civil discourse down to base level.

This is a short comment from a blogger, I'm sorry I didn't get her name and can't see it from her badge; she is giving her opinion on how to deal with troll level comments.

Let me make a distinction between those that disagree with what I've presented and those that are just flat out mean for kicks' sake. I've got a troll that routinely sends me misogynistic posts that involve religion.

The comments make no sense. They do not related to the topic and they go on and on into biblical citations that Jesus wouldn't recognize or condone. To the extent possible you will never see those posts because if I'm such a inferior form of life why is he wasting time telling me so?

Behind The Screen...

It is taking me longer than expected to get back up to vlogging speed. I'd like to blame it on being ditzy but the truth is I had more stuff than I could fit in my luggage so I got a box from the hotel and shipped my goodies home via UPS Ground.

This included my power cord to my new hard drive camcorder. A proprietary cord. A frigging $97 cord if the package never arrives. Add insult to injury I don't have the tracking slip from UPS to check on the delivery status.

Ah well, I still have my health.

In the meantime I've snagged what I could before the battery died and this is the start of the experience. It was great but I'm still processing what the heck happened in Chicago?

Note to self, not even one glass of wine next year.

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