Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This is a Good Day - Pixelodeon Reminder

First order of business. It is just a few more days until the Pixelodeon crew hits Los Angeles. On June 9th and 10th Hollywood will be jumping with vloggers, bloggers and media folks of all permutations.

Just want to invite folks both corporeal and cyber-enhanced to the event which is free as in no cost to you. There are tickets if you want to sit up close and personal with the high tones, wisdom givers and connected with connections but it is not necessary to attended the event.

I am one of the curators of the event, my area is Social Justice, Community and Awareness. I promise it will not be like swigging on Castor Oil. It isn't gonna be a laugh riot either. What I wanted to do was show folks using video on the Internet for connecting communities, solving problems and how we can move forward.

Not to say that there isn't gonna be jocularity at the event. You want your funny bone tickled? Check out the schedule I'm sure there is something that will hit close to one of your particular persuasion.

Ok, some persuasions we can't do in public but you know you got Fleshbot for that. And Tiny Nibbles just in case you are really hurting about missing Pixelodeon for material of a certain type so long as you are over 18. (Psst, it is that sex stuff in case I wasn't subtle enough.)

Anyway, I hope you can stop by and check out the goodies. I have to double check but hopefully we can put up an online gallery so folks who couldn't make it can see what other people are doing.

There will be video recording. I will be toting cameras for sure as well as the other vloggers, bloggers and photobloggers who will be in attendance. The cell phone contingency will be completely represented. Trust me, it will be documented up the wahzoo and beyond.

The other reason why it is a good day? Well, I'll tell you. On June 5, 2007 this here blog was selected as a "Blog of Note" by Blogger. After a long day at the salt mine, after missing the bus, and pulling bills out of the mail box I see more comments than usual. I find out that for this day I was a "Blog of Note" (I love typing that!) If people clicked that link they found my blog. Yowser!

Thanks to everybody that every read or watch a video. Except for the creeps that keep trying to sell me to male enhancement pills. I feel like Esau at the moment. Just keep plugging, you'll get it by and by.


  1. Congratulations on being named Blog Of Note for today! Good luck with your event too - sounds like it's going to be a stormer.

  2. Can you please assist me in placing a blog that goes across the entire internet. I'm not sure if that's possible or not. I'm new at this blogging.

    Thanks a bunch

  3. Dear ttenterprises:

    I've just taken a look at your blog. One of the things that you need is content. I know you just started but you have to have a reason for people to come to your blog. There has to be more content than ads.

    Second, this isn't exactly like a newspaper or magazine. It is a two way communication. Or more. Or none. You are connecting with communities. Diverse communities

    I have two places that you can visit.

    Problogger has excellent articles about the money making aspect of blogging http://www.problogger.net/

    BlogHer is a network of Women Bloggers http://blogher.org

    These two are good places to start.

  4. cool blog


  5. The best of luck with your event.

  6. Hello there blog of note...that is how I found you.I was intrigued by the name of your blog, it made me think of old times....and as you say,talking.
    My blog is of no note. I talk about sitting on my porch with my dog,and sometimes a neighbor. I watch the birds, the bats and the flowers grow. That is when I am not working...
    I just blog to blog..
    in any case.. I like yours and will most likely peek in again...
    hope that today there are no bills in that old mailbox.

  7. Who goes around to nominate/pick the blog of notes?

  8. For Tony:

    Regarding the "Blog of Note" and how they are picked I honestly don't know.

    I didn't have anything to do with it other than making an effort to communicate.

    It is nice to be noticed but my goal is to do good work. I'm not there yet. I'm still learning how to do this but it has been a great learning experience.

    For Kath,

    Well I can dream but yep, another bill found me. It is ok, it is a constant of the universe that must be accepted for what it is - a bummer.

    Take the good with the bad and the bitter with the sweet and you might come up with a decent lemonade.

  9. Hey Gena, I will definitly be reading your blog. I like your style.

  10. Blessings:

    Nothing to sell here, just passing by, thought I'd say hi, and invite ya'll to visit if ya please, nothing for sale there either.
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown