Monday, September 04, 2006

Shala - Open Mosque Day

Like I said, I don't know much about Islam or being a Muslim. I didn't get exposed to the word “Muslim” until the rise of the Nation of Islam in the late 60's.

Long after Malcolm X's assignation I came to understand Islam meaning brothers in suits trying to sell me the “Last Call” newspaper and Bean Pies. Special shout out to “Muslim Fish Hoagie #25 store.

I do know that a place of worship can help to solidify a person against the many collisions between cultures. I do know that in matters of spirit you need to feel safe and comfortable with the humans that are the custodians of your faith.

In this video a young lady talks about her experience at the Islamic Center of Southern California and her belief that truth is a core element of her practice of Islam.

For more information about the Islamic Center of Southern California visit http://www.


  1. Interesting... how come you came to know about these community events?

  2. Well, I try to read the alternative and community newspapers.

    In this instance, I was searching for something else not related to Islam and came across a page that listed the Mosques that had a visitor day.

    I'll read anything except the sports pages to try to find stuff. I just try to be open and be willing to take a chance.