Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Attack on Internet Fair Use

Will they never stop? Industry rascals are trying to slip in changing to the copyright law. In this next wave of mischief you would need:
  • separate licenses just to view a video or listen to music on line.
  • then if you wanted to just see it or listen on line that would be another license, (and fee) to have a temporary copy on your computer.
  • if you wanted to rent/store a monthly subscription copy that would be another fee
  • and to own it would still be another fee.
In other words, $, $$, $$$. In other words who gets to control the use of content? Historically it has been in the users hands. This would be like charging me for the book. Then charging me to open the book. Actually reading the words, another fee. Skipping ahead to the next chapter, ca-ching. Tradition I say - leave it to me to decide how I want to use a product.

If you have the time go to http://action.eff.org/sira
Plunk in your zip to find your congressperson who hasn't been brought up on charges yet. Make a polite phone call. I copied this from EFF but I don't think they would mind:

Keep your call to your representative short and polite. Here's a sample call, with suggested points to make:

STAFFER: Hello, Senator/Representative Lastname's office.

YOU: Hello, I'm a constituent, and I want you to know my concerns with the wording of the Section 115 Reform Act currently being considered by the Judiciary Committee. The wording in this bill implies that copyright licenses are required for even temporary copies of content on the Net and in computer memory. It's also extending the legal definition of copyright "distribution" to cover transmission over the Internet. Both of these changes have not been discussed by the committee, but could radically affect digital technology industries. I'm asking my representative to oppose the Section 115 Reform Act.

STAFFER: Okay, I'll make sure that's noted.

YOU: Thank you.

The price of freedom is action. (Yeah I know it is real "Vigilance" but I can't spell worth a damn at 5:37am.

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