Sunday, May 14, 2006

Man, Myths and Some Toys

I've know this guy for a while. We grew up in the same city, we watched the same TV Sci-Fi, read the same comic books, grazed in the bookshops where they use to tear the covers off and you could buy a $4 magazine for fifty cents.

It was a place and time where it was important to know who the Red Skull was, where to find copies of the X-Men and Avengers and the importance of not taking "Pudge, Girl Blimp" too seriously.

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Okay, I might be wrong on that one - but he'd know who Vaughn Bode is. Anyway, The man has got stuff. Not money stuff but the stuff that matters. Yeah, yeah he's got a wife and kids has the acceptable number of friends, co-workers and fellow gym rats to talk to.

I'm talking the essential stuff. He's got Star Trek action figures, Babylon 5 Vorlons, Marvel toys. He has figures based on comics, movies, tv shows and a few things I don't know where in the world he came in contact with them. From the looks of the Clive Barker and Todd McFarlaine bounty, I'm not sure I want to know. They are just spooky. Detailed and spooky.

I feel a little responsible cuz I think I encouraged him to check out e-Bay. Now I'm surrounded by various incarnations of Reed Richards and the Incredible Hulk. So one day I whipped out old faithful and asked him the question, “Why does he do it?”

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  1. That's a cool video, and a neat collection! I Googled Evan's name because I saw it in a letter column that appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #91 (cover date Dec 1970). I've been Googling some of these names and almost always find that the person is still somehow involved with comics, sometimes from a fannish perspective (as Evan appears to be), but surprisingly often the letter writers later become comic writers and artists.

    Just thought I'd let you know how I found you!