Sunday, April 30, 2006

Poetry In Motion - Michael C. Ford

Michael was reading a poem. As he was reading a man walked up and down the aisle of the train. The man was talking the kind of talk that no one outside of his head understands. It wasn't meant for them anyway. The man was talking to old demons from long ago.

At one point the man stopped. Michael kept reading. The man pulled out his false eye and then quickly put it back in his eye socket.

Folks haven't seen Michael since. Do I have this on video?


But I do have video of Michael reading a poem by Wanda Coleman. You can view some of the poems that are placed in buses by visiting the Poetry Society of America's web site at

For an added bonus you can take a look at a video of Michael with his friend Ray Manzarek in a collaborative CD they cooked up. Truth is go check that out before you click on my stuff. The video link is on the right, under the picture of Ray Manzarek.

I am looking for a more direct link to Michael.

As far as Stoop is concerned, poetry month is gonna last for a bit longer than April cuz I have a bunch of videos left to post from the Blue and Gold Line poets.

Tremble not, those that have a fear or teacher induced hated of poetry - there will be other types of videos. My policy is first shot, first uploaded or my internal vibration that nags me "I gotta post this video now."

2009 Update - I've added the newer Blip Flash movie player and updated the contact link with Ray Manzarek.

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