Sunday, October 09, 2005

YAAMC #2 - It Takes A Village

There is a role for parents and the community to guide young folk into adulthood. Observing the parents with their children, I learned that repetition is still important. Junebug may be six feet and eight inches tall but you still have to reminded him to say please and thank you.

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I learned that parents might have to escort young Ray-Ray to this kind of event because parents can see further down the road than the beloved son can – he wants to be on the basketball court. Parents are trying their best to keep young men out of Superior court.

I know that this society spends a lot of time demonizing young black males. It is profitable to do so. It is a cash money business. But not every teenage male is going to be a rapper, ball player, or gangster. Some will be doctors, teachers, mechanics, and programmers. How visible are these folks on your television screen?

Despite the messages spewing from advertisers and pop culture, young teens cannot raise themselves. Let me rephrase that, they should not be forced to try to raise themselves. Some have no choice; they don’t have the kind of parents and resources that the need.

The good news is that there are thousands of people who are fighting to make a difference. So here is a just a snapshot of some of the folks who, after a long work week, made sure there was a counter balance to the negative messages poured into our young folks heads.

This is the link to the 160x120 Quicktime version.


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