Friday, September 30, 2005

Just Another Day - Smoking In Burbank

I knew about the fires in Los Angeles but around this time of year we always have fires. It is like birth and taxes, expected.

Smoke Behind BuildingI live in the city so it doesn't worry me like a good quake does.

Quakes don't worry me. They scare the hell out of me. And although I would prefer a quake to a tornado or hurricane if I could select "None of the above" I would. This isn't great video but I wanted to show how big this thing looked in relation to everything else.

How quickly fear can set in from a glance. So fires were semi-real to me. Except when there is a potential fire coming across the hill. Click the above photo for the Windows Media version.

This is link to the QuickTime Dial-up version

This was at Pacific noon time. I had just come back from lunch and folks were a little agitated. I go take a look and thoughts of the past five weeks come rolling back. The firefighters are excellent here, so is the Conservation Corps, the Job Corps, there is a city to city mutual help agreement so the Los Angeles area can take care of 99.9% of fire season.

But I thought, what if the state has to call FEMA? And I am not talking about ground level FEMA workers. There are our neighbors. They know who we are and we know where they live.

I mean those chuckle heads in D.C. What if Dubya comes to town in a PR look see? Trust me, they have to sneak him in and out of Los Angeles. They do this even in non-emergency times. Maybe they will bus up some Orange county supporters or invite the entire L.A. staff from Fox News.

I was worried. But it is okay. For now.

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