My Videos On The Stoop

As many of you known, my prior web host has removed non-series videos. Many of my prior work is now stored on CDs and hard drives. The restoration process has begun but is a slog slog. I had 330 videos on the site.

Some of the videos will have to be re-constructed because at the time of creation 320x240 was the display size.  Others will be lost in the myst of time because I'm not sure where my Hi-8 camera  or the tape I used to record is located in my den of too much stuff.

Many of the videos are in standard definition format. Not a deal breaker but will have to find a way to spruce them up as best I can.  Yes, this is how history, culture and people are lost.

In case you haven't heard, there is a war of violence against women. It is historical in nature. Doesn't stop some people from continuing aggression.

This is a project I created to address some of the folks that were attacked long before the Internet to show that this is wrong and perhaps thinking people shouldn't do this.

The Stoop has seen many things....

Like the closing of The White Hut and a memory of a former customer.

Or discovering a new musical artist like Gabby Moreno during Make Music Pasadena

This is a short clip of actress, artist and activist Jude Narita. She was on a panel that was talking about getting beyond stereotypes in media. The event was the Beyond the Bad and the Ugly 2013.

This is a video about the software program called CameraBag 2.0. It has some of the features found in Photoshop, Lightroom or PaintShopPro.

It makes it easy to apply filters and effects to photos as well as add borders, color balance and other corrective tools.

I also do video poetry, or at least try to. No, not talking heads although one day I'll do that but trying to find the place between text and video. Here is an example:

Eight posted and 322 more to go.