My Videos On The Stoop

11/23/2013 Update: has removed non-series and vlogger videos from the service. I have downloaded most of my content and will have to upload to a new video web host. I'm looking at my Thanksgiving weekend to be able to start the process.

Some of the videos will have to be re-constructed because at the time of creation 320x240 was the display size.  Others will be lost in the myst of time because I'm not sure where my Hi-8 camera is or the tape that I used to record videos.

Yes, this is how history, culture and people are lost. But we keep trying.

I really like making videos. I do. New videos will appear when opportunity strikes but I want to display some of my prior videoblogging activities. I also want to share those videos created by other people that speak to the heart of creativity.

For the record, I have 322 videos (and counting). I did not know that I had that many. This listing thing is gonna take longer than I thought. I will be populating this section with links to the original video posts. Or maybe a video or two until I figure this new page gizmo out. You can also check out the sidebar for more videos.

This is Paul Datah and K9 performing at The Winnies 2007:

Actor and Author Mike Farrell on becoming more fully human:

This was a PSA inspired by Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer explaining to her sharecropping boss than she has other intentions about her right to vote. She intended to vote come hell or high water.

 2010 Poets in Plain Sight at Saturday Afternoon Poetry

2007 - 2010 Videos

Ann and the Hidden Whimsy At Pasadena City Hall
Art - A Soldier's Skin
Author - Anne Lamott at All Saints Church
Being Bald - Headbone Blues
BlogHer - Schmutzie Keynote 2008
BlogHer - Stephanie Keynote 2008
BlogHer - SueBob Keynote 2008
BlogHer - Deb Keynote 2008
Colors - After the Rain in Pasadena
Construction - A Shot of Los Angeles
Coming of Age At Vromans - Two Chicks with A Book
Exhibit and Interview - Carlos Ugalde 
Festivities - Cantor Ester Leon on the Fourth of July
Festivities - Kinky (the band) on Grand Avenue
Julia Morgan - YWCA Building
Language and Politics - Professor Manuel Castells at Media Re:Public 2008

Los Angeles - Automatons at the Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles - Art and Eros at the Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles - International Pillow Fight Day 2008
Los Angeles - City Hall Protest or when the White Supremacists Came to Town
Los Angeles - Peace Rapping in MacArthur Park
Los Angeles - Peace Singing in MacArthur Park
Los Angeles - The Truth Is Glass at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Pasadena - A Bit of Whimsy at Pasadena City Hall Tour
Pasadena - Bloggers Meet-Up
Pasadena - Colors After the Rain
Pasadena - Coming of Age in the Middle Age Passage
Pasadena - Doo Dah Redux - Senor Groucho
Pasadena - Julia Morgan's YWCA Building
Pasadena - Music and Arts at Chalk Festival 2010

Pasadena - Pasadena Bloggers Picnic
Pasadena - Ross Anthony, A Video Moment in Time
Pasadena - Motorcycle Art Gallery
Pasadena - Wishing for Peace Trees

Poetry - Nikki Talks About Tupac
Poetry - Nikki Talks About Choices
Poetry - Poetry in Motion with Elena Karina Byrne
Poetry - Poetry In Motion with Ellyn Maybe
Poetry - Poetry In Plain Sight with Armando Flores, Jr.
Poetry - Poetry In Motion with Michael C. Ford 
Poetry - Poetry In Plain Sight - CaLokie
Poetry - Poetry In Plain Sight with Raindog
Protest - Initial War Protest November 2005
Protest - Glendale Vigil Marking of 2,007 Dead
Trash and Text in Art - Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts
Valencia Vas - I Don't Know Who She Is But She Sings Good

VloMo08 - ALA Cart Drill Team - A Sample
VloMo08 - Short clip of Gore Vidal
VloMo08 - Overview of Tijuana Bibles
VloMo09 - Life Walking

2005 - 2006 Old School 320 x 240 or Smaller Videos

Pasadena - Absolute Chalk and Blues 2005
Bookstore - Ray Bradbury
Bank District - OBD Art Walk 2005
Bank District - Name That Band
Downtown on Ice - Skate and Swing
Los Angeles - Not A Cornfield
Los Angeles - Sanctuary in A Cornfiled
Los Angeles - Don't Know What You Have Got - Cornfields
Rawhide - A Moment with Esau
The Orbs - My Heart Went Boom, Boom, Boom Playing with My Cell Memory
Trains - Slim Gage Trains