About The Blog

Where do I begin and what do you want to know? That really was the starting place for Out On the Stoop. Originally it was a e-mail newsletter to keep my students up to speed on what came to be known as the Internet.

It existed as a web page for a spell but DreamWeaver was my personal nightmare. It was a lot of work to update a web site. I wanted to communicate. I spent a good deal of time finding out ways to cuss HTML to death. I plugged away at it until I heard the magic word "Blog."

On April 29, 2004 Out On the Stoop became a blog. It has evolved into a reflection of my interests and those curiosities that catch my attention.

I am curious about almost everything. I do have limits but not as many as I should have. So there are photos and videos and long rambling passages of what I saw that day that I want to share. I lean toward education, sex and other stuff.

The BlogHer Connection

Currently I am an (infrequent) Continuing Editor at BlogHer. Some of my prior posts first appeared on BlogHer. My beat generally is Education but I've been know to stray or stretch the boundaries a bit. There are no boundaries in Education.

The deal is that I write a post for them and three months later I can post it on my blog. Or not. Some topics are just in the moment and of that moment.

Create Video Notebook

I have another blog called Create Video Notebook. I hang out at the Yahoo Videobloggers group. I wanted to have a place where I could show folks the many connections there are with web video.

It is a place to show what is happening in non-commercial user generated video, to learn, to find out who is doing what technologically. A joint for my inner vidgeek that likes the smell of new video compression software.

I also dip a hand into PCCLibTech and Vidlicious. That is in addition to the day job at Amalgamated Salt and Brimstone, Ltd aka the Salt Mine.

Lemme see, Anything Else?

This is a non-commercial blog. Many of the videos I create have Creative Commons music attribution/non-commercial licenses. This means that I cannot use the music in a video for my commercial gain.

That also means that I, by choice, do not have advertising. I tend not to accept free samples of anything in relation to topics I currently write about but there have been times when I did.

I will tell you in a post how I received or came to use a specific product. If it was given to me I will tell you that too. It does not happen often but I have turned down books and other stuff. Ethics is a buzz killer.

However, if I just came from a convention or UN-conference I promise you I will stock up on the freebies but that is because everyone has access to said freebie.

Unless it is a Nikon or Canon camera then maybe an ethical adjustment or two might be required.

There is comment moderation because I don't like spam or cruel people. I usually respond but if I don't please don't sent the same message over and over again. When I get a chance I'll look it over and post the comment unless I don't want to.

If this doesn't answer your questions you can e-mail me at compumavengal AT earthlink.net