Sunday, July 10, 2016

American In the Nexus of Race and Guns Part 3

Now if you want to really get down to it we'd have to talk about Spaghetti westerns. Sorry about the ads, the other versions are getting yanked down. Because cultural memories are DCMA protected.

One man as hero/anti-hero.

Dark skinned people as bad guys or poor preyed upon town folk.

Good and evil.

Law and Disorder.

The gun is used as a tool for respect compensation.

And in-between the JuJu Beans and 25 cent Coca Cola I learned that a man and a gun were all you needed to get by.

That messaged is ingrained in our fiction, history and cultural expression.

So maybe when we attempt to talk about gun control what we might be doing is talking about changing our belief systems.

And Americans are a loath to do that as they are to admit that there might be some structural problems that require more than sound bites to solve.

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