Sunday, June 19, 2016

When The Life You Knew Passes You By

One of the things about photography that I like is that it helps me see things. It helps me to remember and maybe one day prove to somebody that this is different. It is not like we thought it was.

It is the small things.

 Like seven dollars for a jar of beets.

I like beets. I like to eat them. I like to drink beet juice.
I would not like to pay seven dollar a jar for picked or non-picked beets.

That is just me. I can afford too. I have the money in my wallet.

But when did this become the norm for downtown Los Angeles?

Since gentrification. I don't see gentrification as good or bad. It is the normal change of how human see resources.

When people with money and no place to go turn their attention to poor or broke folks neighborhoods that is when trouble starts to brew.

What is bad is how humans behave when gentrification arrives. First order of business, jack up the rents and push existing businesses out.

And no matter how many times the existing neighborhood folks asked for assistance in dealing with crime and problem all of the sudden there is a police presence. The undesirables are pushed out and away.

This can include many of the same folks that spent 10+ years trying to get attention.

When people with money and no place to go start to root in poor or broke folks neighborhoods they discover stuff.

Or not. 

People and places and things are disappearing.

I'm taking notes but I'm not sure who to report back to; you see I have been told that I am no longer relevant and hurry up and die.

As always, I chose to be a contrarian.

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