Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Fair Trial and Waffles

This is an episode from Four Star Theater from 1955. The producer and star is Dick Powell.

This episode is about a lynching that happens in a small town. It is about how the town people acknowledge that the event happened and wants to forget.

It is about a reporter that had seen a lynching before and came to do battle.

For the record, it was a white person that got strung up. Television in the 1955 was willing to take on the topic but not integration.

Besides, there was still real world lynching going on the 1950s and well, no need to upset the sponsors anymore than necessary.

I'm more impressed with the storytelling of a complicated subject that gets effectively compressed into 29 minutes. I'm not shocked that there was an effort to make those people that lynched a human being "sympathetic" no matter how many times it was stated that it was a horrible, wicked thing that the townspeople shared as a mob.

Just like some of the horrible, wicked things that are passing for political discourse now days. Guns included. I can't get out of my mind the Biloxi Waffle House waitress being shot in the head because she asked a customer to put out his cigarette.

I can't get out of my mind the shoot up at Planned Parenthood that killed people by a Pro-Life person.

I can't get out of mind the support for his actions by so-called faith based people.

I can only hope that Saint Pete has got that trapped door lubed up for the posers come forth.

If you can't be safe chomping down at the Waffle House...damn.

I might turn into a Dick Powell junkie because he sang, danced, was a great hard nose detective on radio and I'm just finding out about his television work. I don't want to take refuge in the past but I might swing by for a visit when contemporary times get a little rough.

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