Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Busyness of Life or Making Time for Life

I have been busy. We all have been busy. Doesn't mean that we are doing anything of high importance. It does mean that we are doing assigned and unassigned tasks that have repercussions if we don't get at it. 

I'm cranky. I'm just tired of rank and file bullshit. I need to bust out of my own personal L7 and rejuvenate.

What is that smell? Oh, yeah...have to attend to that.

How are you supposed to stop and smell the roses when they are ten miles across town in a special growing area that you have to pay $12.50 to walk around? It is worth it to walk around cultivated garden, and there is far more than roses. But you have to be willing to jump through hoops to be in nature.

I have this feeling of taking a trip. A small one. Just to do something different. Not going to be climbing walls or running in a barefoot marathon but a break from the clock punching cubicle bunny I seem to have evolved into.

Would love to hugs some trees. Or walk by the ocean. It isn't impossible. The woulda, coulda shouldas are catching up with me and I want to respect that time is moving on.

There isn't room to talk about what you want to do but do it or else.

And another thing, sitting in front of a computer isn't always a good thing. You need real life.
There are a whole bunch of people that have never experienced it without a communication device in their hands.

I know how to be with me.

Well, I use to.

I can do it. I'm sure. I think.

In other news, Episode 015 of the Anxiety Road Podcast his posted. This week I talk about the ACES Too High questions to help folks figure out if their childhood had a number of adverse conditions but the bulk of the show is about videos that talk about shame or provide resources to deal with shame.

Slowly getting comfortable with my voice. Couldn't do a dang thing about the airplane in the middle of the show. I tell you, Auphonic is the bomb diggity of audio cleaners. Meaning, they clean and I benefit.

Time for mindless entertainment. Busyness. More busyness.

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