Thursday, September 10, 2015

Klownie Kar Follies Struck A Nerve

I generally shake my head and move on from the Klown Kar follies. I know what is being said but there is only so much verbal spewing that a person can stand.

I should ignore it because in another two weeks it will not matter. Damn it. This matters to me. I am a grandchild child of emancipated people.

Ignorance matters to me. The misstatements of laws, context and circumstances make me a little testy. When Klownie #1 starts talking about anchor babies I was offended, but I considered the source and went on about my business.

When Klownie #26 pipes in that he too wants to revoke birth citizenship even though his own non-resident parents gave birth to him on U.S. soil, I kept moving forward because hypocrisy has a way of kicking your own ass and it didn't need my help.

For my non-U.S. friends and acquaintances if you don't know about the Dred Scott decision by the 1857 US Supreme Court then here is the short version:

Huckabee claims that this decision is still on the books. He believes that it is still a law, just a law that we no longer follow.

My understanding of what Huckabee is getting at is that he believes that gay marriage is an attempt by the Supreme Court to circumvent the will of the people and of the Congress.

That Ms. Davis had every right to refuse to issue marriage licenses because it is a violation of her faith and what she understands to be her rights under her authority as a clerk in Kentucky to invalidate an erroneous decision.

Oh, hell no. See, if you go messing with the 13th and 14th amendments then you messing in my neighborhood. And although many people, even on the conservative side, have pointed out his error to him (No, that freaking law does not still exist.) Klownie is holding on for dear life.

This will pass. Somebody will say something more stupid in a couple of days. But how the hell do you get to be a presidential candidate without knowing United States history?

There are decent people who are fiscal Republicans, faith based Republicans and every pro-choice Republicans but I do not accept any party that wants to ratchet me back to 1857.

All lives matter my ass.

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