Sunday, August 09, 2015

Say the Name and Accept Who We Are

I'm grinding down to a halt but I wanted to get this posted. There is a web site called Teaching As I understand it it is a way to find authors for children and young adult books.

The site seems to support the people that make reading magical.

I say hook that rascals by any means necessary so it is all good to me. One of the items on the site is how to say an author's name.

I learned about the origin of Karen Finnyfrock's name. Hint: Chow Chow!

I think I'm going to have to practice Geert Spillebeen's name because there is more to it than it looks on a page.

And author Chieri Uegaki name is a lesson in respect, flexibility and good friends wanting to call you by your name.

Speaking of names the latest episode of the podcastis up. Not as many problems as before but I have to learn not to hit the desk when I am trying to make a point. I get kinda involved with my hands.

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