Sunday, July 26, 2015

We All Rock at Different Speeds

I was on the bus and this man was verbally attacking a woman. Nothing new in that; seems to be an open sport now days. But you could tell that she had a problem, a mental health problem.

Old boy thought that insulting her, damning her and otherwise make her aware that she did not measure up to the high bar of humanity that he set himself up to be as lord and master of the planet.

The bus driver had had enough. He told the man "Shut up or get off the bus. You will not continue to disrespect this woman on my bus. "Shut up or get off...shut up or get off."

The woman was rocking back and forth and fighting back as best she could. The bus driver told her "Snap it back in place or get off the bus. Snap it back."

She stopped talking but was rocking, back and forth. Back and forth. She did the best she could under the circumstances. I guess the bus driver accepted rocking was as good as he was gonna get and we rolled on down the street.

Eventually she slowed down and was as stable as she was going to get.

Old boy was still making with the eyes of intolerance but he shut up too.

I'm thinking a lot about the insanity that is romping around as public discourse.  We are freaking the hell out. We are not being treated. We are being assaulted and I don't know what it will take to get us to a stable place of being.

On the Podcast Beat

I got a new episode out today, this one is on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Panic Relief app.

Every episode is a knock down dragged out war and I officially have gone through 5 microphones and still it is a fight to get my audio levels up. I don't have a problem speaking up but I am not loud enough.

In other words I have yet to find my microphone technique. It is a process but at this point it feeling like I'm bargain basement cheese spread.

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